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Crafting elegant and scalable systems to solve ambitious problems


Mark Rickerby is a creative and technical leader with more than 10 years experience creating web applications and publishing projects for startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large organisations.

He has extraordinary knowledge of widely used object oriented programming languages, API design and software architecture; and the unique ability to dive into specialist areas of knowledge and build meaningful representations of complex domains.

Mark has led the technical development of commercially successful API platforms for Bigcommerce and Flicks. He also has extensive experience with e-commerce, payments and shipping services, having worked with online business operations in Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

In a previous era of the web, Mark worked as a design technologist, contributing to award winning websites including Pure NZ and Te Ara; and in the era before that, he worked in Wellington’s entertainment and student media, publishing gig guides, music reviews, comic art and electronica.

Skills & Expertise

  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • Rails, Sinatra
  • PHP
  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • Backbone, Ember
  • Web Typography
  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial Design
  • Technical Writing
  • Hypermedia APIs
  • Microservices
  • Domain Models
  • Message Queues
  • Document DBs
  • MySQL, Postgres
  • Redis, Memcache



Design and production of high quality custom e-books and long-form web based texts.

Supporting journalists and investigators with data mining, machine learning and cleanup of messy source material.

Connecting publishers with e-commerce services and online payment integrations.

Software Architecture

Helping software teams improve their architecture and design capabilities.

Refactoring or replacing legacy codebases to save time and money and improve software quality.

Splitting monorails and big-balls-of-mud into service oriented architectures to improve scalability and robustness.

Improving the maintainability of large systems using domain-driven design and semantic modelling.

App Development

Developing custom server-side apps and backend services in Rails, Sinatra or a myriad of other languages and frameworks.

Developing beautiful browser-based interfaces and visualisations with HTML5/CSS3, Backbone, Ember or React, and D3.js.

Helping software teams ramp-up with test-driven development, continuous delivery and Kanban.

API Platforms

Helping organisations transform products into platforms.

Designing APIs to solve specific user needs.

Content strategy, editorial design and technical documentation for developer portals.

Seeding developer ecosystems with high-quality tutorials and open source API clients.

Selected Projects

Bigcommerce Developer Portal

For Bigcommerce, 2014